the power
of the brain

How ABM® changed my life

Patrick has been an ABM® practitioner since 2015 and in that time has worked with children with complex behavioural and medical conditions from autism, ADHD, FASD, genetic conditions, cerebral palsy, and undiagnosed conditions. He has also worked with adults with varying degrees of pain, cancer survivors, spinal cord injuries, strokes survivors, PTSD, anxiety, depression and high performers such as marathon runners and high-level musicians.

Certified Pedorthic Technician

ABM® Basic Training

ABM® Children's Mastery

ABM® Vitality and Anti-Aging

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What is ABM®

The ABM® approach works through a series of slow and subtle movements used to wake-up the brain and offer new possibilities for people to move, think, and feel, in turn allowing people of all ages to overcome their limitations. Using the Nine Essentials of ABM®, we can unlock the power of the brain at any age!