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Adults: private lessons

What happens during a private appointment?

A NeuroMovement® lesson lasts up to 45 minutes. The approach is very subtle and slow. By using the Nine Essentials of ABM® NM®, we harness the brain’s capacity to change and grow. This is done by guiding the individual through a series of movements, highlighting areas of the body, allowing the whole body to participate in the simplest of movements, like reaching for a cup in front of you. We use physical and verbal cues to facilitate the guiding process.

What to bring

Please bring comfortable clothing that’s non-restrictive, that you can move easily in, including clean socks. Wear layers so that you can adjust if too hot or too cold.

Adults: ABM® online

1-2-1 Lessons

We offer private 30-minute NeuroMovement® lessons via zoom. Online lessons are increasingly popular with adults who have busy lives and have trouble booking in-person lesson.

Group Classes

Weekly one-hour group classes for adults – guided class through various series of movement lessons each month. Please contact Patrick if you would like to join!

What you need for online classes

Please wear comfortable clothes you can move freely in, choose a space where you can comfortably lay on the floor with plenty of room around you to move; finally have a yoga mat, blanket and bath towels on hand. The yoga mat will give you some comfort on the floor and will keep the blanket from moving around during the lesson. The blanket will allow you to move freely and easily, without sticking to the yoga mat and will avoid carpet burn. The bath towels can be rolled up to provide head support and placed under your knees.

The placement of your online device, laptop, tablet or phone, is important to have full view of your body.

What to expect from adult lessons

Most people perceive a difference and begin to integrate the changes after a single lesson. They also adopt and retain the changes after a five-lesson series.

Most experience

  • A profound sense of calmness
  • Increased range of motion
  • Your mind may feel less anxious
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • You may have a deeper more restful sleep

Notice and focus on the new changes, big or small, not on what should be happening or looking to find the pain you came with.

Online Coaching and ABM® lessons for parents and children

Bringing in the Nine Essentials of ABM® into daily life can be challenging and travelling to see a practitioner in person can be limiting to the frequency of visits. Online coaching for parents and caregivers of special needs children is an effective way to improve the parent – child connection. We provide real time advice on how the parents/caregivers can upgrade their approach their child, both through physical touch and verbal cues. We do not teach parents to become ABM® practitioners, rather we allow them to be more aware of their thoughts, feelings and actions by guiding them from fixing to connecting with their child and creating clarity around the child’s actions.

What to bring

Please bring anything that will make your child feel more comfortable during the lessons–favorite toy, books, blanket, bottle, etc. Children often get very hungry from the lessons so having a snack on hand is a good idea. It is best to dress your child in clothing that is comfortable and allows for easy movement. It is suggested to dress your child in layers if they tend to get cold easily. If your child needs to eat during a lesson, we use that opportunity to do some detail work around feeding. When a child is sleeping their brain is still working and lessons can continue; it’s a great opportunity to work in areas of spasticity, as it is greatly reduced during periods of sleep. We may also use that time to answer questions, perform short demonstrations with you, or give suggestions on how to help your child at home.

If your child is sick

We understand that when lessons are planned you would rather not cancel because your child is sick. However, in consideration of the other children who visit our offices and our practitioners, please do not bring your child if you know they are contagious and/or exhibit signs of fever, excessive coughing, runny nose, vomiting, and diarrhea. In addition to the risk of infecting others, your child will not respond as favorably to the lessons while sick as this approach can be demanding to the system and they need to be their best self.

What to expect from lessons for parents and children

Through a series of learning events every child can experience transformational change. Whether the child has special challenges or not, expect limitless possibilities. We are developing an increasingly large and sophisticated knowledge about how to make better use of the brain’s capacities, thanks in part to the science of neuroplasticity – that is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself and gain new skills by forming new neural connections.

Parents and Caregivers note that their child displays

  • Improved functional movement
  • Improved sleep
  • Longer attention span
  • Improved mood
  • Improved problem-solving skills